Nautilus TreadClimber Commercial

Nautilus TreadClimber Commercial
Nautilus TreadClimber Commercial Nautilus TreadClimber Commercial Nautilus TreadClimber Commercial
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The Nautilus TreadClimbercardi machine provides a runnner's workout at a walker's pace.

Its unique design combines low impact walking with gradual hill climbing providing the user with the intense results of running.

The TreadClimber incorporates two separate, but dependant, treadmill walk belt surfaces, called 'treadles', set at an incline of 9%. When the unit is started, the walk belts rotate at a speed determined by the workout program or user, similar to a conventional treadmill. As the user walks on the TreadClimber, the treadles fall with each step, similar to a stairclimber.


Dimensions: 36" x 70"

Weight: 310 kg (683.43 lbs)

Max. User Weight: 182 kg (401.24 lbs)

Speed: 0.5 to 6 mph (default set to 4.0 mph) / 0.8 to 9.6 kmh (default set to 6.4 kmh)

Incline: 3.5 to 7". Assuming a full stride, the amount of vertical displacement for the MIN Treadle Step level is approximately 3.5", and MAX Treadle Step Level is approximately 7".

Deck Size: 21" x 48" defined by two separate left and right treadmill belt assemblies (treadles), each 10" x 48" in length, with a 1" or less separation between the belts. (Metric Walk Surface: 53 x 122 cm)

Readout Display: C52 console with large, custom, back-lit LCD display.

Features: Popular remote operation controls (R.O.C.) are located in the center of the front handlebar, allowing the user to easily change Speed and Treadle displacement between MIN and MAX Contact and Polar-compatible wireless Heart Rate Monitoring The TC916 TreadClimber incorporates self-leveling software that automatically compensates for inconsistent stride length of the user. This feature will help reduce the learning curve and lead to a smoother, consistent TreadClimber workout.

Programs: 5 Minute Demo program, TreadClimber workout program, More Workouts includes 1) Nautilus Fit Test; 2) Manual Workout; 3) Speed Interval Workout; 4) Treadle Interval Workout; 5) Random Play Workout; and 6) Heart Rate Control Workouts.

The unit in good condtion serviced ready to go,

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